Everything about traveling continues to evolve. Sometimes in good ways, and other times it makes you want to do a shot and pull your hair out! I feel like just when I get used to expecting a full body cavity search at security checkpoint ( so, I of course, make sure I shave), I simply get waved through with several 10 oz clear liquid containers shoved in my carry on! For these and so many other reasons, I try keeping myself informed when I travel so as  to prevent some hassles; both seen and unforeseen.

In a perfect world, we’d get to travel wherever and whenever we  wanted. Perhaps there’d be some designer luggage and a private jet thrown in as well. Until this dream is your reality, I have a few suggestions that will make your travels a bit more like a dream…

In 2014 more people will be traveling. This means higher occupancy which translates to higher room rates. If you’re a bit of a gambler, there’s a great app which offers same day hotel bookings at a discount. To get a better rate for your hotel room, you can  try calling their local number as opposed to the 1-800 number. Room rates tend to be a bit lower this way. Something random to remember…ask if there’s any on-site construction going on…ASK TO BE AS FAR AWAY FROM IT AS POSSIBLE! I made this mistake in Miami…my room was next to the hotel construction. I didn’t want to be up for 3 days…but the dam construction sealed that deal! Never again will I make this mistake.

For lower weekend rates, stay in hotels in cities financial districts. These hotels are booked full during the week. When the business travelers leave on Friday, the availability brings the rates down for the weekend.

Something that I find helps to simplify my packing process has been to create packing lists. A list of must haves for each type of travel purpose or destination. (i.e. ski trip, overnight business trip, week long beach holiday). I know this may sound a bit anal, but once you do make the lists they are so helpful!


Airfare in 2014 will be higher than ever. Oil prices, security fees, taxes, and timing are a large reason for this. The timing portion you may be able to control to lower your air fare by a bit. Try to purchase your tickets three and a half months to three weeks before your trip. This will assure you a much better airfare. Also the cheapest days to travel are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and believe  it or not, Saturdays. Twitter is actually great for something other than shameless self-indulgent promotions. You can use Twitter to find out about flash sales on airline tickets. Go to @airfarewatchdog and @theflightdeal to find great last minute deals!

Getting through security quickly and successfully (sans the body cavity search) there is a very simple rule of thumb. The 3.1.1…

3oz size or less bottles.

1 quart clear plastic bag to carry them in.

1 carry on bag per person.


My last quick tips…be sure to eat fresh yogurt every day whilst traveling. This ensures you have a healthy balance of intestinal flora. This helps to combat any foreign bacteria you may ingest from foreign foods. Dried ginger root (1000 mg) an hour before sailing or flying and every four hours helps to combat motion sickness.

I hope any of these tips come in handy while planning and enjoying your next holiday!