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I ‘m excited to announce my collaboration with The Refined Gent  This is an exceptional site for men’s fashion advice. The mission of this blog is to assist men with their wardrobe seasonally in real-time. They post regular updates on men’s styling tips, seasonal trends, as well as accessories and skin care.

Beards Are Back Keep Them Refined

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There has been an insurgence of beards, mustaches and goatee gracing the faces of some refined gents.  Questions have come in regarding maintenance as well as other facial hair related questions.  Well gents in conjunction with Edelman PR who represents  Dove Men+Care, I was introduced to Dr. Allen D. Peterkin, an expert in men’s grooming.  The doctor who is based in Toronto, Canada wrote his first book of three that focus on this topic, The Bearded Gentleman, One Thousand Beards and One Thousand Mustaches.  We had a splendid conversation discussing the do’s and don’ts of facial hair maintenance.  Below are some questions that have been asked by you. The doctor was kind enough to give me his expert advice.

My beard tends to be scratchy and coarse. Is there something that I can use to change that?
DR…I get that asked a lot. You should treat the hair on your face just like you would treat the hair on top of your head. I recommend using face lotion or shaving balm to hydrate the follicles.  In addition its important to condition your facial hair in the shower the same way you would condition your hair on your head.  You don’t have to purchase expensive products when you can purchase Dove Men+Care which is very affordable.
What should you use on ingrown hairs?
DR…Well  ingrown hairs are typically created by using blades that are too sharp. So keep that in mind next time you get one. Don’t irritate it by picking at it. Add a warm towel compress and antibiotic ointment. This will help increase the healing process.
How frequently should I trim my beard and what is the acceptable cut off line on your neck?
Dr…The frequency of the clipping depends on the length you so desire. For instance if you have the stubble look then every other day. If your beard is a standard length then every week or other week depending on how fast your hair grows.  The beard should stop on your neck just under your jaw bone. Or use your Adams apple as a guide and go half between their and your jaw line.
Is there any product that can increase the density of your beard?
DR…Currently there is nothing out there in the market that you can apply to enhance your beard density. Generally speaking this is a genetic.  Patience is needed when growing a beard because it usually takes 4-6 weeks to see the full result.  Some men cant grow full beards and the result may look patchy.  In this instance, you should either trim it all down to have a stubble effect or shave it all off and keep just a goatee or a mustache.
What are your thoughts on dyeing facial hair? Some men will have no grey on their head and their facial hair is either salt and pepper or completely white.
DR…I have no problem with men dyeing their facial hair if the result looks good on them.  If a man doesn’t have any grey on top but his facial hair is either salt and pepper or all white  then I would recommend dyeing it.  Otherwise it will have the appearance of making you look older than you really are. If you have salt and pepper on top  and the same on your face then I would not change a thing. If you have salt and pepper on top and white on the face then I would dye it.  There are products out there that you can comb the dye in which will then give you a salt and pepper effect.  One extra tidbit of advise. When choosing the dye color its best to go a shade lighter than your natural color.  Lighter can always be made darker but not the reverse.
What is your favorite facial hair look and how long do you think the facial hair trend will last?
DR…My personal favorite is the stubble look.  I think that the beard trend will last another 5 years since its been going on for the past 20.  Men like to stand out in the crowd. When the trend started there were few men sporting a beard.  Those men stood out in the crowd because there were fewer men doing it.  Now that there are more and more men growing facial hair, men will probably start going clean shaven.  Then they will stand out in a crowd of bearded men.

I would like to thank Molly Early from Edelman for introducing me to Dove Men+Care and for arranging my interview with Dr. Peterkin.  Dove Men+Care has been around since 2010, however, they just recently launched the Face Range and Hair Care line in 2013.  Visit their website for a store location near you. A special thanks goes out to Dr. Peterkin for sharing his insight with me and all of you.  I know that many of you gained some valuable information.  I know I did.  Facial hair needs to be maintained gents to keep you looking refined at all times.  Remember looking good and feeling good is all that matters. Top left corner photo credit goes to Dad 2.0 Summit.