Ok so I had a very cool experience the other evening. I was to attend an event at a local Culver City barber shop. It was their 2 year anniversary. As I walked up it looked like just that…a cool barber shop.



The shop is The Blind Barber. This is a 4 chair, full service, traditional barber shop. As I walked into the shop, a door in between the back 2 chairs, unexpectedly opened! A gentleman walked through the door with a cocktail in hand. I quickly snuck through the door before it closed. I entered into a dark hallway which led me into speakeasy! The bar was filled with people, music, cocktails, and the smell of yummy food.

I was not disappointed when I ordered the Blue Grotto cocktail. I’m a gal that loves a spicy drink. This fantastic concoction is made with Infuse Chili Pepper Vodka , cherry tomato, basil, lemon, Hibiscus syrup, and sea salt. This drink is light, very flavorful and has a tasty kick.

infuse pic3

I then had what was probably one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever tried. Taleggio and parmesan cheese with shiitake mushroom and truffle oil..I’m a sucker for truffle oil! They offer so many different grilled cheese sandwiches it’s hard to choose.

The Blind Barber is not your average neighborhood barbershop. There is no other place like it in all of Los Angeles! It’s definitely the spot to come for a cut, shave, great cocktails, music and to be generally  inspired.



I had the pleasure of meeting the Blind Barber’s manager Justin Fix. Thank you for a great night!
photo 1
Photo of Justin Fix and Michelle Harvey