Our sense of smell is a super important part of dating! Why? We all have pheromones (our natural scent) that attract us to one another. Gentleman please slow your roll if you’re the guy who doesn’t shower regularly because you’re under the impression that your B.O. is your pheromone scent…IT’S NOT! You’re just covered in day old sweat that will most likely attract flies…not women!      

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The trick is to enhance your naturally occurring pheromone scent to attract and trigger desire in the ladies.

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I’ll give you my tips…

First…choose your scent a.k.a. your cologne or body oil. When choosing your scent think of what you like…citrus, woody, floral, spicy, etc. It’s wise to grab testers of the ones you like. This way you can try them out before purchasing a scent you may later dislike. P.S…DO NOT wear a scent when shopping for scents, as this defeats the purpose! You can also bring your lady (if you have one). Let her choose the scent she likes on you. Also, don’t hesitate to ask opinions from friends during your tester trial period.

Bathe with an unscented or lightly scented soap or body wash. Shampoo your hair of course. CLEAN is the smell you’re going for. You’re fresh out of the shower and towel dried. If you use lotion, apply it. Either unscented, lightly scented, or a scent corresponding to your chosen scent, for a layered effect. No conflicting, strong smelling lotions.

Apply a fairly neutral deoderant. Especially if you’re planning on using cologne; this neutrality is important. Again, you do not want competing scents. Make sure to use a deodorant/anti-persperant combination to EFFECTIVELY limit bacterial odors.

Now spray or apply your chosen scent lightly at your neck, chest, and above (not on) your groin. Be careful not to spray too much scent onto your clothes. Not only can you stain them, but the scent may smell different from the fabric of your clothes. Do not over apply your scent! You don’t want to be that guy…you know him…he’s the one with the curly black chest hair and gold chains that smells like a Tijuana pimp!

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Your other choice, of course, is a la natural. I’ll call this option your “man scent.” Shower and go. You had better NOT, however, be a profuse sweater! I do suggest wearing deodorant no matter what…every day!

I don’t want to overstate the obvious, but I will…clean your mouth before your date! Brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash. A fresh mouth is much SEXIER than one that smells like a cat’s litter box! I suggest you have a pack of gum or mints on your date as well; use them. Drink plenty of water before and during your date. This naturally cleanses your mouth. On the day of your date, you should cut out foods that tend to produce bad breath or B.O…onions, garlic, milk, cheese, etc. This way you’re internally fresh as well. Now off you go…you clean, sexy smelling man!