There’s one thing, I believe, many men and woman can agree upon…its loving our respective shoes. With or without thought put into it, they complete our outfits. Shoes can be the first thing we think of to put on, to then build an outfit around or they can be the final touch, put on last, to complete a great look. Either way, we all can agree to love our shoes! Personally, I enjoy seeing  a handsome man in a great pair of shoes. This doesn’t mean expensive…it means right for his look or for the occasion. In my opinion, there are several must have shoes every well informed well dressed man should have in his closet. These shoes can be a man’s basic  accessories to many different fashion looks.

Let’s start with dress shoes. Many men think their dress shoes have to be black. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Black is perfect for formal occasions and funerals. Brown shoes, however, go with just about everything; depending upon the color of brown. Dress shoes can be worn for formal occasions, cocktail parties, date nights or whenever you want to look and feel a bit more dressy. They can easily be paired with a suit, dress pants, or dark washed jeans.

The Oxford…This shoe originated in Scotland and Ireland. It is named after Oxford University in England. This shoe first appeared in the U.S. in the 1800’s. The Oxford has a formal, slim silhouette. It is characterized by the shoelace eyelets being attached underneath the vamp.  This is know as “closed lacing”. This shoe, depending on the color, can pair with a tuxedo, a suit, dress pants, and even very nice dark wash jeans.

The Derby…This shoe is similar to the Oxford, however the shoelace eyelets are on the top of the vamp. This is known as “open lacing”.  The Derby silhouette is not as slim as the Oxford. In the 1850’s, this shoe was the popular for sporting and hunting. It became appropriate as a town shoe by the turn of the 20th century. This shoe pairs with suits, dress pants, and dark washed jeans. Basic blk DERBY dress

The Wing Tip or Brogue…This shoe is usually considered a bit less dressy than the Oxford or Derby. I think they have a lot more personality as well! The term ‘wing tip’ comes from the W shaped detailing on the toe cap. Broguing refers to the small dot-puntured detailing on the seams and toe cap of the shoe. These shoes are great with dark suits, dress pants, and dark washed jeans.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 12.51.55

The Classic Loafer…This shoe is a more casual dress shoe. It’s a lower cut, laceless shoe. This shoe can be worn with a suit, dress pants, or dark jeans. Loafers shouldn’t really be worn at formal occasions.

Now let’s move onto my two favorite styles in men’s dress boots.

The Classic Dress Boot…This is a slim silhouetted boot. These boots are very stylish with a bit of an European edge! In black or varying shades of brown, you’ll be making a statement when you’re wearing these boots. Dress boots can easily be paired with dark suits, dress pants, and skinny or slim fit dark washed jeans. .

Dress Boots shot 2014-04-18 at 10.13.39 AM

The Chelsea Boot…This classic dress boot is reminiscent of 1960’s British fashions. The Chelsea boot is very comfortable and fashionable! This boot looks great with a well cut suit or skinny, dark washed jeans. Chelsea

Now, for some more casual shoe options I believe every well informed, well dressed man should have a version of…

The Casual Loafer…This loafer is much softer and less structured than the Classic Loafer. It is a casual step into shoe that resembles a moccasin. It can be worn with flat front shorts, colored or khaki flat front chinos, or jeans of light to dark wash. This loafer can have many color possibilities to choose from. Have fun and go with a bold color! CASUAL

The Desert Boot…These casual boots are very trendy and fashionable. You’re a pretty cool guy if you’ve got a pair of these on! This boot looks great with most straight cut or skinny jeans, also with flat front chinos. You can pair these boots with anything you’d normally pair sneakers with. DESERT

The Chukka Boot…If you want to look a bit on the rough, edgy side this is the boot for you! Its best known for its association with the British industrial scene. This boot looks great with a dark slim cut jean cuffed up or loosely tucked into the boot.

Chukka Boot

The Sneaker…This is NOT a running shoe. This shoe is definitely a fashion accessory not a workout shoe. There are endless styles and colors of sneakers to choose from, which makes this shoe incredibly versatile! Sneakers are great with jeans, most chinos and shorts. My all time favorite sneaker for guys are Converse….period.


Last but not least; I truly believe a man should not be afraid to wear a nice, plain, MANLY pair of flip flops. Not to be mistaken, of course, for those goofy man sandals that criss cross over the tops of tourists feet! These flip flops should, in my opinion, be either leather or rubber and as plain as possible! FLIP