Gentleman…if you don’t know, now you know…trimming your ‘junk’ is, at this point, almost mandatory! Years ago it used to be only self indulgent bodybuilders, male porn stars, or strippers who were manscaping.  Nowadays, many men have embraced the practice of manscaping. Not only does manscaping improve your physical appearance, but it can help with the illusion of SIZE as well! Fashion trends definitely vacillate from decade to decade. Hair and beard trends change every couple of years as well. Manscaping, however, is no longer considered a trend. Wether your single and ready to mingle or happily hitched, you should be paying as much attention to your ‘junk’ as you’d like others to pay to it!



My personal suggestion when grooming your man parts…maintain your manhood. Most woman do not want a fully shaved ‘junk’ region. Not only does it tend to chafe us if it’s even hours grown out, but you’ve also, inadvertently, turned your self into a prepubescent boy. Not sexy…! I prefer the look a man gets using a clipper with a #2 or even #1 guard. This takes off enough hair to be ascetically pleasing to the eye. It also leaves enough hair that you maintain your ‘manliness!’ Trimming the hair around the base of your ‘junk’ also gives the illusion of an added inch! No man in his right mind is going to say no to this option. By all means gentleman, please do NOT forget to trim your NUTS! It’s a strange look to have your pubes above and around your ‘junk’ trimmed and then leave gorilla balls! Nicely trimmed balls are much appreciated…


If you’ve graciously trimmed your ‘junk’…THANK YOU! Now for the peripheral areas…


mans bare torso

It will look a bit silly if your ‘junk’ is nice and tidy, but your stomach and thighs are still too hairy. My suggestion…use the very same clipper and guard you used to trim your ‘junk’ and trim your thighs and stomach to match! Heck why stop there? Use the clippers on your entire body if desired. As long as you use a guard, you’ll have a well trimmed and uniformed appearance.