Ok gentleman…this is a big one! These are my 10 Commandments of men’s grooming! I cannot honestly express enough to you how often I’m completely turned off by a guys lack of grooming. Worse yet, it doesn’t turn just me off. Most guys don’t get very far with many woman simply because of their total lack of grooming consistently turns women off left and right. Now, before you assume I’m super high maintenance and expect the same from men…PUMP THE BREAKS! I do not like it when a man has cleaner eyebrows than I do. Nor do I like it when a man is so refined or cleaned up he resembles a wax figure. I love a man to be a man! If the idea of sprucing, cleaning up, or grooming yourself hasn’t yet occurred to you…this post is for YOU! Actually this post is for EVERY man out there. In this day and age its becoming more and more accepted and expected for all men to take better care of their over all appearance. This includes everything on you from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet!

As all of these tips are important, I’ll start from the the top and work my way down…

HAIR…As I’ve stated before, keep your hair cut fresh. Having a defined haircut instantly gives the illusion of being well groomed. This means visiting your barber every 2 to 4 weeks. Wash your hair every 2 days. Any more time in between washes will make for smelly, oily hair…gross. Also,using too much (Jersey Shore cast mate) or to little, of your hair product isn’t good grooming. To appear well groomed; use just enough product to control and define your hair. Nothing more, nothing less.

EYEBROWS…Find me a man who looks good with a unibrow and I’ll find you a unicorn! It DOESN’T exist! On the flip side, men should not have too-groomed eyebrows either. It’s easiest to have your barber trim your brows once a month. Or, to trim your own brows, first comb them up to see which hairs need to be trimmed. I suggest putting the comb in between the bulk of your brow and the hairs needing to be trimmed to provide a safety barrier. Use either small scissors or clippers to trim them. Once you’ve done this, you can then pluck all straggling hairs. This includes all unibrow hairs, any hair growing out towards your temple area, and any stragglers on top or below the bulk of the brow. The rule of thumb for shaping a man’s brow, it should be a straight line from the side of the nose up to the inner corner of the brow. Personally, I do not think a man should accentuate the arch of his brow. I think this is too feminine. Men should look manly. A thicker, but trimmed brow is just that, manly.


NOSE AND EARS…Trust me everyone sees whats dangling out of your noses! Its a focal point on your face for heaven’s sake. I’ve never met a woman who’s said “Oh, I kind of like a man with long nose hair.” It will make a world of difference in your life if you keep ALL visible hair out of your nose. The same goes for the long werewolf hairs growing out of and all over your ears. I will tell you with 100% conviction…No woman in her right mind will be kissing or whispering sweet nothings into your ears through hair! KEEP THEM HAIR FREE. Your barber can easily take care of your ear hair dilemma at every visit. Panasonic makes a very good, affordable nose and ear trimmer for just this purpose. Keeping these areas hair free is a grooming must.

FACE…You must keep your face clean and SPF moisturized. This means washing your face twice per day. Many men make the mistake of using their body soap on their faces. This is a big no-no. Body soaps are much to strong for your face. They will irritate and dry out your face. This is not a good look. There are great cleansers for the face that will leave your skin looking clean and fresh. I love Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar. This gentle cleanser keeps your skin clear and healthy. Using little or no moisturizer on your face is also a facial no-no. A dry face is much less attractive than a nicely moisturized face.You must use moisturizer with SPF on your face every day. This keeps your skin protected from the sun and all its damages.

FACIAL HAIR…Keeping your facial hair groomed is a huge game changer. This small detail, again, gives the impression of a well groomed man. No one expects you guys to be perfectly shaven or have your facial hair perfectly detailed every day. However, going weeks in between detailing or trimming your facial hair, in my opinion, is just lazy. Depending on your facial hair style, you must groom it accordingly. If you have a beard, ranging from a 5 O’clock shadow to a mountain man beard, you should detail your cheeks and your neck underneath every week. This means a defined line from your sideburns down your cheeks ending by the corners of your mouth. This, of course, must be even on both sides of your face. Your barber should do this for you after your haircut. You can then follow their lines once a week in between visits to your barber. The line underneath should start underneath your earlobes at the bottom of your jawline. This line should lie in the crease made when you bow your chin down to your chest. The two points should meet in the middle.


LIPS…Chapped lips are NOT sexy. Keep your lips healthy and hydrated by drinking lots of water. If you do get chapped lips, you can gently exfoliate them, by brushing them with your toothbrush. Doing this twice a day will help immensely. Also, good old fashion Chap Stick, in my opinion, is the absolute BEST for chapped lips! It’s also widely accepted for men to use without embarrassment.

MOUTH…For heaven’s sake brush your teeth every morning before leaving the house. You should brush your tongue as well. This is where the majority of the bacteria are in your mouth. It’s not the worst idea to keep a pack of gum in your pocket either.

NECK AND BACK HAIR…This is simple yet very important. Your neck and back hair should NEVER be seen creeping out of ANY type of shirt collar. You must trim this hair once a week with a clipper. PERIOD!

DEODORANT AND COLOGNE…Pick a deodorant that works on you and WEAR IT EVERY SINGLE DAY…PERIOD! Don’t kid yourself by thinking your the one adult male on the planet that doesn’t need deodorant. This is a simple grooming rule that must be followed every day. Woman love a fresh, clean smelling man. This also goes for your cologne. It’s, of course, your choice to wear any scent you like. Be careful not to wear too much! This is when it becomes offensive to others.

FINGERS AND FEET…Needless to say this one is HUGE! One of the first things I look at on any man are his finger nails. If these are long, dirty, and generally unkempt…it’s a total turn off. This, to me, says a lot about a man’s general grooming habits or lack there of. It’s so easy to clip  both your finger and toenails once a week. This small detail also gives the overall impression of being a well groomed man. Don’t be lazy and skip this detail.

Now…your feet! It says a lot about a man when his feet are nicely groomed! PLEASE, if you don’t already do this, get a pedicure at least once every 3 months. This is 100% acceptable for any and all men to do. This will tidy up even the worst of feet. You must then keep your nails clipped once a week in between visits to the nail salon. If your heels are dry and cracked, you can purchase a pumi bar to scrub your heels in the shower every day. My favorite is Using this greatly reduces cracked skin. Also, moisturize your feet daily.

All kidding aside…these simple tips, if regularly utilized, will change your life. You will be transformed into a well groomed man. Not only will you look at yourself differently but the world will see you in a different, more appealing light as well. I promise!