If every year, when Father’s Day is fast approaching, you find yourself  asking the age old question…What can I gift the man who has everything? This post is for you! By definition, this gentleman is able to go out and do or buy most anything at his leisure. While this is great for him…it’s decidedly not ideal for YOU! Let me help you take the guess work out of the equation. I’ve come up with 5 unique and very different gift ideas for the man in your life who seems almost impossible to surprise. I’ve selected gifts that are once in a lifetime experiences, to unique and thoughtful, to amazingly flavorful treats. These gifts are sure to put a smile on the faces of your fathers!
1. Exotics Racing 
The idea for this gift came to me from my ex husband and my 10 year old son. They called me from the racetrack both so excited I could barely understand them! My son Tanner got to ride along with a professional driver in a Ferrari 458 Italia. An adult, however, can the choose the exotic car of his dreams to race 5 times or more around a 1.2 mile track. So this once in a lifetime experience can be shared and remembered; it is filmed from two perspectives simultaneously. One is on the outside of the car looking forward. This gives the same perspective as a race car video game. The other camera is on the inside of the car, facing you, capturing every second of your exciting experience. Packages start at $299.
2. Alexander Murray & Co Scotch Whisky…Many men enjoy a glass of fine whisky from time to time. This unique, Scottish family owned company, sources and bottles some of Scotland’s finest single malt whiskies. From a bottle of their 2014 San Francisco World Spirits silver medalist the Alexander Murray Bon Accord $46, to the Alexander Murray Speyside, their finest 40 year old bottle of single malt Scotch Whisky $629. You will easily find the perfect gift bottle of Scotch for your man to sip and enjoy!
 3. Dollar Shave Club…This is definitely the gift that keeps on giving! As a men’s grooming expert, I think this company is genius. I advise getting The Executive package. This is their top tier razor at $9 per month. I also suggest including their Shave Butter at $8 per tube. In your first month, they will ship your high quality razor handle, first blades, and Shave Butter. Every month, for the next year, your man will receive his gift of replacement blades. This is a unique, practical, and thoughtful gift for the special man in your life.www.dollarshaveclub.com
4. Best Filet Mignon…I recently had the pleasure of personally receiving 2 6oz USDA Prime Angus Filet Mignon steaks from this company as a gift! I can honestly say…they were, by far, the BEST filets I have ever eaten! Tender doesn’t begin to describe these steaks. The Angus cattle are grass fed and hormone, antibiotic free. Each steak is cut only AFTER you order it. It’s then vacuum sealed and shipped free of charge the same day. This company also allows you to mix sizes of filets within one order to accommodate your needs. The packaging presentation from this company is impeccable; perfect for a gift! Prime filets are 4/4oz$115 to 4/12oz $231.
5. Air Combat USA…I cannot think of a guy who wouldn’t smile ear to ear when receiving this as a gift! Your man will fly a real military fighter jet with, of course, a fully licensed pilot. He will engage in 5-6 simulated aerial dogfights! The aircraft are fitted with digital cameras to capture every exciting second of this amazing adventure. You will forever be considered “The best gift giver EVER” after this one! Packages start at $1,395. www.aircombat.com
I hope your fathers will not only smile when receiving one of these gifts, but appreciate the thought that was put into choosing such a unique gift!