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Today was a perfect, warm, sunny southern California day! I started my day grooming a very handsome male model for a magazine shoot. I then came home and sat down with a glass of iced tea to watch the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards. The color that dominated the men’s fashion looks on the red carpet was definitely BLUE. Navy and deep midnight blue to be exact. The grooming look that the men seemed to prefer was, to me, a super casual, natural look! Many of the men chose to wear their facial rather scruffy at the years event.

Jason segal

Actor Jason Segal is a perfect example of such scruff. His beard is not overly detailed and looks to be 10 days to 2 weeks grown out.

Michael Shannon

Actor Michael Shannon also chose a natural, scruffy look for his facial hair.

One of my personal favorite looks, the 5 O’Clock shadow, was worn by one of my other personal favorites…Liev Schreiber.



Liev is wearing his 5 O’Clock shadow down onto his neck. He has also chosen to leave his beard natural along his cheeks. This man can do no wrong in my opinion! Can you say…Celebrity Crush!

Idris Elba

Idris Elba chose to wear a detailed salt & pepper goatee tapering down towards his chin. He has a nice detailed line on top of his mustache under his nose. Idris also chose to leave a hint of stubble on his cheeks as opposed to going with a more detailed look by shaving his face around his goatee.

Ben Mendelsohn

One of my favorite red carpet looks of the night was definitely Ben Mendelsohn! His face was clean shaven and he has a recent haircut. His skin looks moisturized and fresh. He also has just enough product in his hair to give it texture and a bit of shine. He topped his red carpet look off with a midnight blue suit…he looked perfect!