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In the late 1880’s to 1940’s…men used to visit their local barbershop weekly, sometimes even daily. Men would stop in for a haircut, a proper shave, and to generally hang out with the other men in the neighborhood. The barbershop was a place a man could go to really to just be a ‘man’. Have a drink, smoke a cigar, talk about sports, politics and the general atmosphere of the times.
Then things began to change…in the early 1900’s Gillette widely introduced the safety razor! Claiming it to be more economical and convenient than frequent trips to the barbershop. Getting a hot towel, straight razor shave became more of special occasion rather than a weekly habit. The second big blow to barbershops came during and after the Great Depression. Companies like Sears began selling at home haircutting kits and people generally had to cut back on their discretionary spending; so moms became their households new ‘barber’. Then, of course, the 1960’s era of the hippie arrived. Men quit shaving altogether, opting instead, for a long beard and long hair as well. This made a trip to the neighborhood barbershop completely obsolete. Finally, in the 80’s, men returned to a more clean cut appearance. Shaving daily again and cutting their hair shorter and more frequently. They did not, however, return to barbershops; instead the global trend was for both men and women to go to unisex salons!
A new era in barbershops is upon us. Men have started, again, to seek out a place where they can go to be catered to as men. This place is Barber Lounge! This barbershop is the modern, improved version of America’s neighborhood barbershop. Barber Lounge offers men all the traditional services of the old school barbershops, however, they’ve added modern services and amenities with a twist of sophistication.


One of the first things you notice when entering Barber Lounge is the bar! Wether you are waiting for your barber, or you just wanting to stop in and watch a game on one of the shops many big screen TV’s; you can pull up a stool at the bar, or lounge in one of several oversized couches. I don’t know about you, but spending an afternoon out having a few cold beers, watching a game, and getting a fresh new cut and or shave sounds like a perfect ‘guys’ afternoon! The inviting atmosphere of Barber Lounge is the perfect place to do just that. The 3 current Barber Lounge locations are in shopping centers; where most men I know would much rather be drinking and watching a game than shopping! The perfect solution…she shops, you go to the barbershop.
The Barber Lounge hires only the very best master barbers to cater to their progressive and diverse clientele. The level of experience and the attention to detail is unsurpassed! A visit to Barber Lounge will ensure you have not only top of the line quality and service, but you will be catered to using only the very best boutique products as well. Barber Lounge has created a full line of specially formulated hair products. They offer a lightweight shave oil made with Tea Tree and Meadowfoam oils. This makes for not only a perfect straight razor shave in the shop, but a perfect shave at home as well! Their pomade is high shine with a firm hold while their Matte Clay gives you a softer hold. Their signature hair regrowth system starts with biotin enriched shampoo and conditioner. Most impressively, their products are backed by clinical studies! Barber Lounge shampoo increases hair growth by 214%,while their conditioner will help reduce hair loss by 60.6% after 90 days of use!


So make your next trip to your local barbershop be to Barber Lounge! Come in, have a drink, sit down and watch a game, have a good chat and get a great shave and cut. Your not going to want to leave, but when you do…you’ll be a well groomed man!


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