In this post I’ll talk about how EVERYTHING affects your skin. This includes the sun, your diet, stress, smoking, hormonal imbalances, and ingesting other toxins. Men’s skin is actually MORE fragile than woman’s skin. A man’s skin is more prone to redness, irritation, and itchiness than a woman’s. Many men are starting to embrace the idea of taking better care of their skin. Bravo to those guys! I have some facts about men and your skin that might just make more of you gentleman eat better, drink less, and reach for a moisturizer with SPF sunscreen!

A man’s skin can say a lot about his overall health. There are certain zones on your face that pertain to specific areas of your body and health issues. I’ll start between your eyebrows. This is your liver. Too much alcohol and ‘other’ toxins will show blemishes here. Also, excessive anger shows in a deep furrow here…you may need to work through that!

furrowed brow

The center of your forehead is your heart, bladder, and small intestine. Again, if you’ve been hitting ‘it’ hard it’ll show up here. Congestion means you need to detoxify your system. Red and flaky means you may need to curt back on oily, processed food. I suggest water, water, and MORE water!

Mid-cheeks are your respiratory system. A rash here may mean your body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs. Are you a smoker? You may also need to work out more! This is also where rosacea will most likely appear. Cut back on your coffee and use a topical treatment used to treat rosacea.


Let’s move down to your mouth. This is your stomach. Spots around your lips could mean poor digestion and bowel movements. You may have food allergies that need to be identified. If you’ve got bloody gums you may have an acidic stomach. Smoking, stress, and prescription medication with side effects that dry your mouth, can all cause red, swollen, and bloody gums. In this situation…sharing is not caring…DON’T share a toothbrush! Gum disease is transferrable this way.

cple sharing toothbrush

Your chin is your bladder and kidneys. This area is predominantly hormonal…not much you can do about that! However stress can cause a breakout here as well.

It’s been proven that over 90% of damage done to a person’s skin will be from the sun.  By using sunscreen every day, you can however, slow the aging process down by 24%. The most important skin care product available to prevent wrinkles is sunscreen. Unfortunately, less than 5% of men wear any! Out of this tiny percentage…about 1/2 will wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. The majority of people in the US diagnosed with melanoma are white MEN. Men in general have been proven to have the highest annual exposure to damaging UV rays. Skin cancer beats out prostate, colon, and lung cancer in men over 50!

sunscreen chart
I hope this post give you gentleman a little bit more insight on how everything you do and DON’T do affects your skin.