Beards have definitely played a significant role in our worlds history. The presence or absence of a beard has been, and still is, an indication of a man’s religious, cultural, political, social, or sexual affiliations. The growth of facial hair for young men begins at puberty. It is one of the principal signals of maturity and the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood. Thousands of years ago, a beard was the primary feature in which to distinguish between men and woman. Also, the bigger the beard the more masculine the man was thought to be. Ancient Egyptian barbers regularly shaved their clients with razors and pumice stones. Back then, beards were considered an indication of personal neglect! I wonder what back hair signified? These guys look as though they’re shaving one another’s backs as well! Archeologists believe many warriors shaved their heads before battle so opponents had no hair to pull. Alexander the Great observed that beards could easily be grabbed by the enemy during battle. He insisted all his troops go into battle with the Persians clean shaven. In ancient Rome, fashions for beard lengths and styles changed through time. However, whatever the style the elite wore, the slaves had to wear the EXACT opposite style. Many Persian, Assyrian, Tyrian, and Merovingian kings throughout time have painted, braided, oiled, perfumed, and woven or dusted their beards with gold. Those kings had a definite metro-sexual side to them! The year 1680 was the year the narrow folding straight razor was introduced. Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in the world. It was established in London in 1805 by William Francis Truefitt. Truefitt & Bic manufactured the very first disposable razor in 1974. Instead of being a razor with a disposable blade, the entire razor was manufactured to be disposable. It’s estimated that 75% of men who shave, shave their face every day. Most men prefer to wet shave as opposed to a dry shave. A man spends an average of 3,300 hours of his lifetime shaving his face. This is an average of 20,000 shaves in a lifetime. The average man begins to shave regularly…when he begins to work regularly. Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 2.45.21 Shaving does NOT make your hair grow back thicker or fuller. Hair grows because of biochemistry and hormones. Heredity, race, medications taken, stress, and diet all play a factor in your hairs growth. The average mans facial hair grows 6 inches per year. Approximately 94 million American men remove facial and or body hair! 1.3 billion men worldwide shave. You should not shave first thing in the morning. Both you and your skin need to hydrate for a better shave. My final bit of inconsequential but fun beard knowledge… A man’s beard is the fastest growing hair on his body. Pogonotrophy is the fancy term for beard-growing. The longest beard ever measured on a living man was 7.73/4 ft.