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This section is where you guys get to ask  me any and all questions pertaining to men’s grooming, my work, and or PG rated personal questions.


Ask Michelle…From James

Ask Michelle…From James

James wrote into me asking…”What are some great hair products you can recommend? I don’t like my hair to look greasy. I also don’t want products that turn white and flake.” Ok James…Without knowing your hair type or style I’m going to assume you’ve got normal hair and wear it at a normal length. I use(…)

Ask Michelle…From Celina

Celina wrote in to ask…. Fantastic! Love your scope on basics. Got advice for oil-free, sun-screen skin-care? My hubs already deals w/skin cancer + he’s very outdoor active. This twist is that he doesn’t like the transfer from product to his hands to skin to clothing = too messy or oily. His skin is dry(…)