socailmediatoday.comI have one quick question about Commandment # 10, fingernails. I’ve bitten them must of my adult life and just decided recently to stop for good. You said in your text and YouTube video to always make sure that they’re trimmed and that long nails are a turn off which I understand. My question is, what do you consider, “long,” for a guy’s fingernails? Now that my nails are starting to grow out, I’m really not sure at what point to trim them or how short to trim them, if that makes any sense. I’ve never had to deal with that before. How long can they be and still be acceptable for a man and at what point would you consider them long? Any advice or coaching you could provide would be helpful…Ken


Ken, thank you so much for your question. First of all, congrats on stopping the biting of your nails! Personally, I do not like much of any nail on a man. This just means I like a man’s nails to be very closely trimmed. I do, however,think its very acceptable to have a sliver of white nail growth, but not much more. This picture shows a very close clipped nail which I like. A bit longer nail than this is completely acceptable. Again, this is my opinion!

Ken, if you feel the urge to bite your nails in the future…get some Bitrex from your local pharmacy. Its a solution you can paint onto your nails to make them safely taste HORRIBLE!


Keep up the good work Ken. Well maintained fingernails are so much more attractive than this that are bitten ragged.