James wrote into me asking…”What are some great hair products you can recommend? I don’t like my hair to look greasy. I also don’t want products that turn white and flake.”

Ok James…Without knowing your hair type or style I’m going to assume you’ve got normal hair and wear it at a normal length. I use several products on men that I really like.

The first is  Johnny B Street Cream. This is one of their strongest pomades.  It provides volume to texturized hair. Use about a nickel’s worth and mix it into the palms of your hands. I like to apply it to slightly damp hair. Apply it evenly all over the head; making sure to go from back to front and vise versa. Once you’ve evenly distributed the pomade, then style it as you normally do. FYI…I love the smell of this product!


photo… Johnnybhaircare.com

The other product I highly recommend is award winning Lunatic Fringe by Billy Jealousy. This pomade offers excellent control with a medium hold. Again, I like to apply this to slightly damp hair, using about a nickel’s worth. This pomade rinses out easily as well.


photo… billyjealousy.com

James…thank you for your question and for your support!