Celina wrote in to ask…. Fantastic! Love your scope on basics. Got advice for oil-free, sun-screen skin-care? My hubs already deals w/skin cancer + he’s very outdoor active. This twist is that he doesn’t like the transfer from product to his hands to skin to clothing = too messy or oily. His skin is dry + fair. Thanks in advance.

Celina the great thing is that your husband wears sunscreen! Men should be using a moisturizer with SPF every day. Moisturizing the skin helps to keep it strong and more resilient to the elements. I.e. sun, wind, snow, grizzly bear attacks, etc. Sunscreen (SPF) reduces UV induced damage; which include age spots and wrinkles. The SPF also, of course, help to prevent that pesky thing called SKIN CANCER!

I’ve got a couple great suggestions for your hubby. The first is from www.innovativeskincare.com its called Extreme Protect SPF 30.


This sunscreen/moisturizer is recommended by UCLA Health System, Washington Cancer , Cedar Sinai, and John Hopkins as a powerful sunscreen and effective moisturizer. This product uses Vit E, olive leaf extract, and aloe to help moisturize. It does go on a bit thick but quickly dissipates. The protection benefits alone on this one are a selling point! $68 for 3.5 oz. Small price to pay for healthy safe skin!

The second I recommend for your hubby is from www.bravesoldier.com it’s called Solar Shield Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 28.


This company was founded by two mountain biking enthusiasts. So this moisturizing sunscreen is made with surfers and outdoorsmen in mind! (your hubby) It uses the hydrating qualities of Vit E, aloe, macadamia and Hawaiian kukui nut oils. It’s highly water resistant as well. This product is a grease free, non-irritating, moisturizing sunscreen. Its price point is a bit easier to swallow as well $20 for 4oz.

I hope these two suggsetions help your hubby?

Celina…thank you for your question and support!